Suspicions Grow Over Deportation of N.Korean 'Killers'
The bizarre saga of two alleged North Korean mass murderers and their cloak-and-dagger deportation is starting to develop into a major scandal. The government secretly repatriated the two men on Nov. 7 after they were found adrift in South Korean waters on a squid fishing boat and told investigators that they had slaughtered the captain and 15 other crewmembers.
U.S. Demands 'Reimbursement' for Defense Costs
Japan Claims Korea Agreed Not to Use the Term 'Sex Slaves'
Airlines to Lose W800 Billion in Boycott of Japan
Trade Spats, Global Slowdown Take Toll on Korean Exports
Transport Network Braces for College Entrance Exam
Live Town Hall Meeting to Mark Moon's Half-Term
Laptop, Smartphone Found in Boat of N.Korean 'Killers'
A laptop computer and smartphone were discovered in a fishing boat carrying two North Koreans who confessed to killing 16 other crewmembers before fleeing to South Korea.
N.Korea Develops Facial Recognition Tech
North Korea has developed a state-of-the-art facial recognition device, according to a propaganda mouthpiece on Thursday. "It is a high-performance AI product," the North Korean website Meari said.
Korea Sees Sharp Rise in EV Exports
Korea's exports of electric vehicles doubled in the first 10 months of this year from the same period last year due to increasing demand from Europe and the U.S. Some 57,379 EVs were sold in overseas markets, an increase from 26,397 a year ago.