N.Korea Marks 3rd Anniversary of Kim Jong-il's Death
North Koreans on Wednesday solemnly marked the third anniversary of former leader Kim Jong-il's death, whether or not they remembered the man who starved millions to death with any fondness. >> Full Text

Photo Shows Purported Korean Member of ISIS
A U.S. expert on the Middle East has posted a photo of an Asian man on the Internet who is allegedly a Korean member of the terror group ISIS. Charles Lister, a researcher at the Brookings Doha Center, tweeted the photo on Dec. 13. The man is seen on horseback wearing a shemagh. >> Full Text

What Retired People Regret Most
Many ostensibly comfortable retired people regret failing to save up more money and keep physically in shape so they can enjoy their twilight years to the full, a straw poll suggests. The Samsung Life Insurance asked 93 retirees what they regret most. >> Full Text

People walk in snow in Gwangju, South Jeolla Province on Wednesday.

Actress Ha Ji-won smiles at a press junket for her new film in Seoul on Wednesday.

Kim Hye-soo and Yu Jun-sang attend at a red-carpet event for the Blue Dragon Film Awards in Seoul on Wednesday.

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