S.Korea Puzzles over N.Korean Succession
South Korea has been fretting over the succession in North Korea and now believes leader Kim Jong-un's 10-year-old daughter Ju-ae is being set up as the next leader. When Ju-ae first appeared in public last year, officials here were highly skeptical, but the propaganda machine has pulled out all the stops to build the little girl her own personality cult.
Korea's Population Decline 'Worse Than Medieval Plague'
Hyundai Department Store's Yeouido Branch Takes off
Pump Prices Fall for Another Week
Genesis Unveils 'Gran Turismo' Game Concept Car
Yoon to Make State Visit to Netherlands
Girl Band Aespa Among FT's Most Influential Women
Korea Resumes Currency Swap Deal with Japan
Korea and Japan have signed a fresh currency swap deal worth US$10 billion, the Ministry of Economy and Finance said last week. The resumption comes after an eight-year hiatus as relations chilled.
N.Korea Restores Guard Posts at Border
North Korea has redeployed troops and weapons at guard posts along the border since the two Koreas scrapped a 2018 military agreement last week. It demolished a dozen guard posts in the early days after the agreement and left others intact but empty.
Kia EV9 Garners Rave Reviews Overseas
Kia's large electric SUV, the EV9, is getting rave reviews in overseas markets although it has been struggling with sluggish sales in Korea. The EV9 won Denmark's Car of the Year Innovation Award by the Association of Danish Motor Journalists.