U.S. Demanded List of Cross-Border Projects
The U.S. has asked South Korea for a list of potential cross-border projects and timetables and asked it to guarantee that they do not violate UN sanctions against North Korea, an American official said Thursday. The official said there is a lot of potential for violating sanctions in the projects and it will not be possible to pursue all of them.
BOK Slashes Growth Projection to 6-Year Low
Korean Food Dominates Slapdash Michelin Guide
S.Korea, U.S. Can No Longer Conduct Frontline Air Raid Drills
Businesses Urge U.S. to Exempt Korea from Punitive Tariffs
Chung Hyeon Reaches Quarterfinals at Stockholm Open
Taxi Drivers Strike Against Kakao's Carpooling App
Pope Willing to Visit N.Korea
Pope Francis said Thursday that he would be willing to visit North Korea after President Moon Jae-in passed on an invitation from North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.
1/4 of Rural Kids in N.Korea Underweight
The UN Food and Agriculture Organization on Wednesday warned that rural poverty has reached alarming proportions in North Korea as the gap between city and country widens.
GM Workers Sound Alarm Bells Over Possible Pullout
GM Korea workers on Thursday threatened to strike to protest against the automaker's plans to establish a research and development company which they fear are a precursor to pulling out of Korea.