N.Korea Bans Foreign Visitors
North Korea has mysteriously banned foreign visitors amid rumors that Chinese President Xi Jinping is going to Pyongyang soon. Radio Free Asia on Tuesday reported that the North has suspended foreign group tours and banned visits by foreign businesspeople. North Korean travel agencies told their Chinese partners they were suspending all group tours from Aug. 11 to Sept. 5.
Income Disparity at All Time High
New Jeju Casino Rakes in Massive Profits
S.Korea, U.S. Discuss Return of Mislabeled War Dead
California Assembly Honors Korean Freedom Fighter
Unified Women's Basketball Team Beats Host Country at Asian Games
S.Korea Plans to Start Railway Project with North This Year
Record Numbers Succumb to Heatstroke
The number of patients who went to emergency rooms with heat-related illnesses this summer had reached 4,148 as of Tuesday, the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Wednesday.
N.Korea Charges Over W1 Million for Ticket to Mass Games
North Korea is selling tickets for the notorious mass games to celebrate its 70th anniversary next month at more than W1 million each. Most of the tickets are aimed at foreigners.
Gov't Grounds 20,000 BMWs
The government has grounded some 20,000 BMWs over a series of unexplained spontaneous fires, the latest on Wednesday. Some 20,000 out of the 106,317 BMW cars subject to the recall had not been inspected as of midnight Tuesday.