Young Koreans Grow Addicted to Stock Market
More Koreans are becoming addicted to stock investing, with tell-tale signs of dependency like borrowing money from friends and lying about where the cash will be used or feeling nervous at weekends when the markets are closed. The Korea Center on Gambling Problems saw a 72 percent increase on-year in requests for help with stock market addiction last year.
Vaccinations Start in Korea at Last
More Businesses Demand Biometric ID
Samsung Opens Website for Workers' Grievances
Nearly 480,000 Vehicles to Be Recalled Due to Various Defects
Kakao to Split Stocks So More Investors Can Buy
Korea Has World's Lowest Fertility Rate
Kids Go Back to School Next Week
First and second graders in Seoul will go back to school every weekday from next Tuesday, while high school seniors and kindergarteners will also return to classes. School lunches will be provided depending on the situation at each school.
N.Korean Firm Sues S.Korean Company for Unpaid Supplies
A North Korean firm filed the suit with the Seoul Central District Court in 2019, claiming a South Korean company owes it W5.3 billion for some 2,600 tons of zinc the North Korean company said it provided in 2010.
BOK Freezes Interest Rate Again
The Bank of Korea on Thursday froze interest rates at 0.5 percent again, the record-low level they were fixed at last May. It maintained its growth forecast for the year at three percent but raised its outlook for inflation from one percent to 1.3 percent.