University Education Brings Smaller Wage Benefit
Korea has one of the highest proportions of university graduates in the world, but they earn less compared to non-graduates than in many other countries. According to a recent report by the OECD, a Korean university graduate earns W1.45 million. >> Full Text

Average Age of Seoul Residents Rises to 40 for 1st Time
In an indication of the degree to which Korea's population is aging, the average age of Seoul residents has climbed into the 40s for the first time, while senior citizens now account for 12 percent of the capital's population. >> Full Text

Volkswagen Faces Recall of Nearly 130,000 Vehicles in Korea
The Environment Ministry ordered the recall of nearly 130,000 Volkswagen vehicles sold here following an almost two-month investigation over the German automaker's emissions-rigging scandal. >> Full Text

Pedestrians bundle up against the cold in Gwanghwamun, Seoul on Friday. /Newsis

Girls enjoy the first snow of the season on a university campus in Daejeon on Thursday.

A Christmas tree is lighted up in front of the City Hall in Seoul on Friday.

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