1 in 5 Unemployed Young People Give up Looking for Jobs
Some 329,000 unemployed people have given up looking for jobs and are just staying home, accounting for 22.4 percent of all jobless people, Statistics Korea said Thursday. That is almost twice the number of unemployed young people who are looking for jobs. Among the jobless young, 256,000 said they have given up looking for work, accounting for 17.4 percent of young unemployed people.
U.S. Congressman Slams N.Korean 'Slave Trade'
Apple Turns to LG for iPhone 9 Batteries
N.Korea Ignores Proposal of Military Talks
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Korea to Play Final World Cup Qualifier in Uzbekistan
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Heat Warning Issued for Seoul
The year's first heat warning was issued for Seoul on Wednesday as the whole country sweltered in muggy temperatures. Temperatures also soared above 30 degrees in many other parts, and are expected to reach 33 degrees on Friday.
N.Korea Expected to Test Another Ballistic Missile
North Korea seems poised to test another intercontinental ballistic missile or intermediate-range missile in the coming weeks. CNN quoted two U.S. officials as saying they came to the conclusion based on analysis of satellite images.
Unmanned 'Smart' Stores Threaten Minimum-Wage Jobs
Unmanned 'smart' stores and vending machines are threatening minimum-wage jobs as the government is poised to raise the minimum wage to W10,000 an hour over the next three years.