Kim Jong-un Still Purging Traces of Uncle's Empire
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is still struggling to wipe out the network of businesses and influence established by his uncle Jang Song-taek, whom he executed in December 2013. >> Full Text

Volkswagen Won't Contest Sales Ban in Court
Volkswagen will not after all take legal action against a sales ban here in the wake of wholescale cheating on environmental tests. The Korean branch concluded talks with headquarters in Germany and told the Environment Ministry it will not contest the ban. >> Full Text

Hot Season for Premium Smartphones
LG will unveil its premium V20 smartphone on Sept. 7 in both Seoul and San Francisco around the same time as Apple's new iPhone. The Korean electronics giant changed the location of the U.S. launch from New York to San Francisco, the better to challenge the American market leader on its own turf. >> Full Text

Children cross a stream in Daejeon on Monday.

Models promote gifts for Chuseok or Korean Thanksgiving in a store in Seoul on Monday. /Newsis

Lee Honey poses at a preview of the animation "Lost in the Moonlight" in Seoul on Monday, for which she lent her voice.

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