Apartments in Seoul Priced out of People's Reach
Apartment prices in Seoul continue to soar amid an endless slew of government regulations to curb real-estate speculation, pricing out of most younger people's reach. The average price of an 84 sq.m apartment, which is the most in demand, has surpassed W600 million -- the "affordable average price" by the government's barometer for housing-loan eligibility.
Moody's Warns Korean Conglomerates of Ratings Cuts
Low Marriage Rate Made Worse by Coronavirus
Pompeo to Visit Seoul Next Month
Moon, Suga Talk on the Phone
Sales of Novels Soar Amid Coronavirus Lockdown
Public Invited to Help Choose Name for Korea's 1st Panda Cub
Full Harvest Moon Visible a Day After Chuseok
This year's full harvest moon will rise at 6:20 p.m. on Chuseok night or Oct. 1 over Seoul, the Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute said on Wednesday. It will reach its apex at 00:20 a.m. that night.
Kim Jong-un Insists N.Korea Needs Nuclear Deterrent
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un earlier this year stressed the need for his crackpot regime to build up its nuclear arsenal. Kim's remarks were carried in a journal published in May by the North's State Academy of Sciences.
LG's Rotating Smartphone Priced at over W1 Million
The price of LG's ambitious Wing smartphone has been set at an eye-watering W1.1 million. The phone, whose top screen rotates T-wise to reveal another half-screen underneath, will be sold by major telecoms and online shopping malls after Chuseok.