Koreans See Japan More Negatively Than Other Nations
Koreans have particularly negative perceptions of Japan compared to other Asians, a poll finds. The Japan Press Research Institute surveyed 6,000 people in six countries on their perceptions of Japan. >> Full Text

New KTX Line Saps Business from Planes, Buses
The domestic airline and long-haul coach industries are scrabbling for business as the new bullet train linking Seoul and Gwangju is set to start running. The Korea Transport Institute estimates that 53.5 percent of airline passengers flying the Seoul-Gwangju route and 37.6 percent of coach users will opt for the new KTX instead. >> Full Text

350 Cars to Be Showcased at Seoul Motor Show
The Seoul Motor Show opens this weekend and runs until April 12. This is the 10th and largest show bringing together 32 foreign and domestic automakers showcasing 350 models. Seven will be world premieres, nine are unveiled for the first time in Asia and 41 for the first time in Korea. >> Full Text

Girls have fun in a park in Seoul on Monday.

Su-zy of miss A performs at a showcase for the girl band's new album in Seoul on Monday.

Park Yu-chun and Shin Se-kyung pose at a press junket for their new TV series in Seoul on Monday.

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