Going to Bed Too Early Can Lead to Sleep Disorder
Waking up early is often touted as a prerequisite for success, but going to sleep too early could lead to sleep disorder, doctors warn. With age the diurnal biorhythm speeds up and people have more and more trouble getting a good night's sleep, which sometimes leads to dozing off early in the evening and then tossing and turning in the small hours.
Soldier's Sex Change Causes Headache for Military
Mahindra Asks Gov't for More Loans for Ssangyong
Seoul Criticizes U.S. Ambassador's 'Very Inappropriate' Comments on N.Korea Tourism
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Ahn Cheol-soo to Come Home for Political Comeback
Bangtan Boys' New Album Sets Record for Pre-Orders
S.Korea Tries to Sidestep Sanctions Against N.Korea
The government on Thursday repeated that it hopes to resume travel to North Korea's scenic Mt.Kumgang resort even though Pyongyang has made it clear it wants nothing to do with Seoul.
Unusual Activities Detected at Yongbyon Reactor
Unusual activities have been detected near a 50-megawatt reactor at Yongbyon over past years, according to website 38 North. "Commercial satellite imagery indicates a number of unusual activities have occurred around this site over the past several years."
Employment Among 40-Somethings in Steep Decline
The number of employed people in Korea increased by 516,000 on-year in December last year and by 301,000 for the full year, but among people in their productive 40s, joblessness is on a steep rise.