40 Koreans Kill Themselves Every Day
An average of 40 people committed suicide every day in 2013. According to Statistics Korea on Tuesday, 14,427 people, or 39.5 on daily average killed themselves last year, up 267 on-year. The suicide rate remained a whopping 28.5 for every 100,000 people in 2013, up 0.4 on-year. >> Full Text

N.Korea 'Developing Satellite-Guided Bomb'
North Korea is developing a new precision-guided bomb, similar to the U.S.' GPS-guided joint direct attack munitions or JDAMs, the military here believes. The JDAM is a GPS-guided bomb with a range of 28 km and alleged accuracy of about 13 m. The North's new bomb is believed to have a range of some 10 km. >> Full Text

Park Pledges More Money for Climate Fund
President Park Geun-hye on Monday promised to raise Korea's contribution to the Green Climate Fund from US$50 million to $100 million. In a keynote speech at the UN in New York, Park said the speedy replenishment of the fund will be a major boost "to the launch of a new climate regime next year." >> Full Text

Women enjoy autumnal scenery in a buckwheat field in Seoul on Tuesday. /News 1

North Korean synchronized swimmers cheer their fellow athletes during the women's weightlifting at the Asian Games in Incheon on Tuesday.

Actress Esom poses at a press junket of her new film in Seoul on Tuesday.

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