More Men Seek Help from Matchmakers
The legions of so-called "herbivore men," or young men who are more interested in learning new skills or pursuing their hobbies than in dating women, have reached their prime marrying age. And it appears they merely bypassed dating for the sake of finding a life companion once they were ready. >> Full Text

Foreigners Make Up 3.4% of Population
Some 1.74 million foreigners live in Korea, accounting for 3.4 percent of the entire population. Their number is smaller than the population of North Jeolla Province (1.86 million), but larger than that of North Chungcheong Province (1.58 million). >> Full Text

Distributors Shy of Film About WWII Sex Slaves
The movie "Spirits' Homecoming," which depicts the plight of Korean sex slaves for Japanese troops during World War II, has a tough time finding a distributor. The film, which took 13 years to make and was produced with crowdfunding, may not open at all. >> Full Text

Girls take a selfie in a flower field in Busan on Monday.

Athletes taking part in the Summer Universiade in Gwangju attend a traditional tea ceremony in the host city on Monday.

Girl group Girls Day pose at a showcase for their new album in Seoul on Monday.

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