Constitutional Court Holds Final Hearing in Park's Impeachment Trial
The Constitutional Court held its final hearing in President Park Geun-hye's impeachment trial on Monday, some 80 days after the National Assembly passed the impeachment motion on Dec. 9. The court's eight judges are expected to deliver a final ruling in early March.
Young Seoulites Have Gloomy Outlook on Career
Korean Air Unveils New Long-Haul Aircraft
Chinese Tourists Love Korean ID Photos
Koreans to Have 69 Days Off Next Year
Hyundai Unveils New Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle
LG Unveils New Flagship Phone in Barcelona
Independent Counsel Wraps up Investigation into Crony Scandal
Acting president Hwang Kyo-ahn on Monday refused to extend the mandate of the independent counsel investigating the massive corruption scandal. The probe ends on Tuesday.
Kim Jong-nam Died from Huge Dose of Nerve Agent
Kim Jong-nam was killed by a huge dose of the banned VX nerve agent and died a painful death within 15 to 20 minutes, AP reported Sunday quoting Malaysian authorities.
Household Debt Soars Way Above Economic Growth
Korea's household debt swelled to a record W1,344 trillion last year, up by an unprecedented W141.2 trillion from the year before. The 11.7 percent growth rate of household debt is four times higher than Korea's 2.6 percent economic growth rate.