Koreans Score Low for Healthy Eating
Koreans have scored 59 out of 100 in terms of how healthily they eat. The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the finding is based on a survey of adult eating habits in 2014. The overall score was dragged down by a mere 0.63 out of five in intake of whole grains. >> Full Text

Security Beefed Up Ahead of Presidents Cup
The Presidents Cup, a golf tournament between the U.S. and the rest of the world except for Europe, will take place in Incheon from Thursday to Sunday. Team strategies matter a lot, so they even try not to bump into each other at the Oakwood Hotel in Incheon where the participants of the Presidents Cup will stay. >> Full Text

Not All Teas Are Alike: Choose the One That's Best for You
An increasing number of people are choosing tea over coffee or carbonated soda as a healthier drink option. But varying health effects mean care should be taken when deciding which type of tea to consume. >> Full Text

Visitors pose at a chrysanthemum show in Gwacheon, Gyeonggi Province on Monday. /Newsis

A model shows calendars for next year at a printing shop in Chungmuro, Seoul on Monday. /Newsis

Kim Sung-kyun and Sung Yu-ri pose at a press junket for their new film in Seoul on Monday.

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