Most Koreans Don't Know How Much Spouse Earns
More than half of married people in their 30s and 40s are unsure how much their spouses earn, a study suggests. Samsung Life published a survey last Thursday showing that 62 percent of husbands and 51 percent of wives do not know how much their spouse makes.
Park Apologizes for Cronyism Scandal
Hyundai Execs Agree to 10% Salary Cut
Tokyo Mulls Sanctioning Chinese Firms Dealing with N.Korea
Kia Told to Stop Selling Mohave SUV
LG Accuses Miele of Stealing Washing Machine Tech
More Young Shoppers Prefer Convenience Stores to Avoid Hassle
Oxy Chief Appeals for Forgiveness Over Mass Deaths
The head of Oxy Reckitt Benckiser's Korean branch appeared before the Seoul Central District Court on Tuesday over the deaths of around 200 people from lung damage caused by humidifier disinfectants.
Another N.Korean Missile Launch Flops
North Korea botched the launch of another mid-range missile on Thursday, five days after the last one blew up shortly after lift-off. The launch came around 7 a.m. Thursday, shortly after the foreign and defense ministers of South Korea and the U.S. met in Washington.
Renault Samsung's SM6 Most Popular Used Car
Renault Samsung's SM6 is the most popular car in the second-hand market, according to used car dealer SK Encar. SK Encar said the SM6 had the highest turnaround, selling in an average of 15.5 days after being put up for sale.