Koreans' Yardstick of Success Is Changing
An increasing number of Koreans believe that success is when their children find a job they like rather than a place at a top university, a survey suggests. The Korean Educational Development Institute polled 4,000 parents nationwide last September. Asked what success in their children's education means, 25.8 percent of respondents ticked finding a job they like or want to do.
UN Command Rebukes Both Koreas over Drone Intrusions
Consumers Embrace Alcohol-Free Tipple
Rich Brats Indicted for Peddling Marijuana
Korea to Ban Sex Offenders from Living Near Schools
Unvaccinated More Prone to Long COVID
Koreans to Get COVID Vaccine Shots Once a Year
Korea to Help Rebuild War-Torn Ukraine
Korea is to provide soft loans to Ukraine under a new development initiative this year for the rebuilding of infrastructure after the Russian invasion. The financial authorities of Korea and Ukraine will decide the details once they sign an agreement.
N.Korean Workers Flee from Russia to S.Korea
Nine North Korean laborers in Russia fled their work site and reached South Korea last year. They reportedly told questioners here that they were afraid to be sent to fight in Russia's invasion of Ukraine. They are all men in their 20s through 50s.
Korea's Economy Starts Shrinking
Korea's economy shrank 0.4 percent in the fourth quarter of last year, the Bank of Korea said Thursday. The last time the country's quarterly GDP plummeted was three percent in the second quarter of 2020