Self-Employed a Drain on Korea's Economy
Self-employed retirees are nibbling away at the growth potential of the Korean economy. The sector has been burgeoning as many retirees are unable to live on their savings and investments.
Countries Around the World to Shut Down N.Korean Banks
Half of Workers Feel Threatened by Artificial Intelligence
Daewoo Shipbuilding Finds Few Takers for Voluntary Layoff
Airlines to Accommodate Winter Travelers with More Routes
Lotte Ranks 3rd in Global Duty-Free Sales
Little Mermaid Comes to Han River
Young Jobseekers Embrace Seoul's Free Suit Rental
A free suit rental for young jobseekers run by the Seoul Metropolitan Government has been well received. Some 2,371 jobseekers rented a suit for their job interviews since the free service started on April 25.
Another N.Korean Missile Launch Flops
North Korea botched the launch of another mid-range missile on Thursday, five days after the last one blew up shortly after lift-off. The launch came around 7 a.m. Thursday, shortly after the foreign and defense ministers of South Korea and the U.S. met in Washington.
Average Korean CEOs Is Weeks Short of Retirement Age
The average CEO of the nation's top businesses is still getting older and is now just a few weeks short of retirement age. According New Management magazine, the average age of CEOs at the top 100 companies stood at 59.9 years last year, up from 57 in 2007.