Why Beef Is a Favorite Chuseok Present
Beef from prized Korean cows has long been a favorite present for Chuseok, which celebrates the harvest moon when the year's bounty is brought in. Cows are of course essential for farming, both for their produce and as beasts of burden. In the old days, it was said that a cow has more power than eight people.
Chuseok Lockdown Rules Put Families Under Strain
How to Ward off Chuseok Health Hazards
Most Koreans Will Stay at Home over Chuseok
Int'l Rights Watchdog Urges Moon to Scrap Press Gag Bill
New High-Speed Train Station in Daegu Gets Go-Ahead
Wando Designated as UNESCO Biosphere Reserve
Unvaccinated Koreans Get Another Chance from Oct. 1
Some 5 million people who have for one reason or another missed their turn for coronavirus vaccination will get another chance next month. They can get vaccinated in neighborhood clinics nationwide on Oct. 1-16.
Worries as N.Korea Launches Missiles 'from Train'
North Korea ostensibly fired two ballistic missiles from a train into the East Sea on Wednesday. North Korea has created a railway missile unit that could take advantage of weaknesses in South Korean and U.S. missile detection and intercept systems.
Face Recognition to Keep Genesis' New Electric Car Safe
The Genesis GV60, the luxury brand's first fully electric car, will be equipped with a face recognition system that will make it much harder to steal. Drivers can open and close the car without a key, and fingerprint recognition will also be used to keep it safe.