Document Shows Japanese Gov't's Role in Recruiting Sex Slaves
An official Japanese government document proves Tokyo's involvement in the forced mobilization of Korean women as sex slaves for Japanese soldiers during World War II. Prof. Yuji Hosaka told reporters on Tuesday, "The Japanese government provided accommodation and support in the process of organizing comfort women," using the Japanese euphemism for the sex slaves.
Gasoline Prices in Pyongyang Stay the Same Despite Sanctions
Top U.S. Official in Charge of Evacuations Visited S.Korea
Spain Expels N.Korean Ambassador
Korea Sees Fastest Growth in Global Exports
Hyundai Launches New Subcompact in China
How N.Korea Bypasses Int'l Sanctions
Moon Says Disagreements with U.S. Cannot Shake Alliance
President Moon Jae-in on Monday said occasional disagreements with his U.S. counterpart Donald Trump cannot undermine the alliance between the two countries. "The Korea-U.S. alliance is strong and unshaken," Moon said.
Nuke Site Residents Banned from Pyongyang
The North Korean regime has banned people from the Punggye-ri nuclear test site in Kilju, North Hamgyong Province from entering Pyongyang since its latest test, sources said.
Samsung's Global Reputation Takes Heavy Hit
The bribery conviction of Samsung chief Lee Jae-yong and the debacle surrounding the combustible Galaxy Note 7 phone have dealt a heavy blow to the electronics giant's global reputation.