Park's Ties to Crony Date Back to Her 20s
President Park Geun-hye's ties to a crony at the heart of a mounting corruption scandal date back some 40 years. Choi Soon-sil, who has no official government position, is suspected of helping to shape every aspect of Park's administration, from the trivial to the serious, and of influence peddling.
Central Bank Warns of Housing Bubble
Most Koreans Don't Know How Much Spouse Earns
China Backs Down on Tourism Curbs
Health Authorities Warn of New Respiratory Virus
Comedy Remake Becomes Sleeper Hit
Sales of Instant Rice Surge with Increase of Single Households
Park Apologizes for Cronyism Scandal
President Park Geun-hye briefly apologized to the nation on Tuesday for letting a crony at the heart of a growing corruption scandal edit some of her key speeches. Opposition lawmakers said Park's apology lacked sincerity and was nothing but excuses.
Surging Coal Prices Bring Windfall for N.Korean Regime
Surging prices of coal are working against international efforts to sanction North Korea over its missile and nuclear programs. Coal is one of major products North Korea exports to China, accounting for over 40 percent of its total exports.
Chinese Tourism Curbs Hit Korean Shares
A Chinese crackdown on the unregulated travel industry has impacted shares of Korean companies dependent on revenues from Chinese tourists. Beijing recently announced tougher rules for travel agents.