Fewer Parents Willing to Leave Home to Children
One in every four elderly people does not plan to leave their home to their children, a survey shows. This is double the figure from a similar survey in 2008. The Korea Housing Finance Corporation on Tuesday released the findings of the survey conducted on 3,600 homeowners aged 55-84 between late June to early August.
Independent Counsel Asks for Extension of Probe
China Vows to Protect Kim Jong-nam's Family
Malaysia to Hand Over Kim Jong-nam's Body to N.Korea
2nd Woman Held Over Kim Jong-nam Killing
Kim Jong-un Celebrates Father's Birthday as Brother Dies
Spring to Come Early This Year
Constitutional Court to End Impeachment Trial Next Week
The Constitutional Court said Thursday it plans to wrap up the impeachment trial of President Park Geun-hye on Feb. 24. Park's lawyers, who have mostly staked their fortunes on dragging out proceedings, protested and demanded more time.
Kim Jong-nam Pleaded for His Life in Letter to Half-Brother
Kim Jong-nam wrote a letter to his half-brother in April 2012 pleading for his life, a source here has confirmed. A former government official on Thursday told the Chosun Ilbo, "I read the letter, which was provided by intelligence officials.
Press Gets Peek at Lotte World Tower's Top Features
The 123-story Lotte World Tower, the capital's tallest building, is awaiting its grand opening on April 3. But on Wednesday, some of the more exclusive parts were unveiled for the first time.