Students on Coronavirus Alert Ahead of University Entrance Exam
Education authorities are on the alert as the daily number of new coronavirus cases surpassed 500 on Thursday, only a week before the university entrance exam. High schools nationwide shut down again and switched to online classes, and Education Ministry advised private crammers to close for a week.
Korea's Economy Won't Shrink as Much as Feared
Released Child Rapist Won't Return to Old Home
Poor Koreans Can't Afford Healthier Food
Korean Stocks Hit New Record on Improved Growth Forecast
Daily Coronavirus Tally Surges over 500
Incheon Airport to Advise on Warsaw Airport Project
Chinese FM Warns Korea Against Siding with U.S.
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Thursday sounded subtle warning to Korea not to side with the U.S. in any conflict with Beijing. "The U.S. is not the only country in this world," Wang said in a press conference at the Foreign Ministry in Seoul.
N.Korea Releases Prisoners Amid Coronavirus Scare
About 7,000 labor camp prisoners have been released in North Korea recently amid the coronavirus scare. There is speculation that the regime had no choice but to release them as it has become difficult to control malnourished prisoners amid the epidemic.
160,000 Jobs for Young Koreans Disappear
Some 160,000 jobs for young Koreans disappeared in the second quarter as the coronavirus lockdown blighted business activity. At the same time the government artificially created 225,000 jobs for senior citizens.