Korean Smartphones Get Cheaper as Chinese Brands Rise
Korean companies are struggling to stay ahead in the global smartphone market as Chinese smartphones are quickly shedding their cheap copycat image by boosting both quality and prices. >> Full Text

Kim Jong-un 'Watched Failed Missile Test'
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un probably watched the test-launch of a ballistic missile from a submarine that went awry last Saturday, the National Intelligence Service here speculated Monday. The test was conducted in waters in the East Sea near Wonsan. >> Full Text

Ancient Metal Type Found in Kaesong
A piece of Koryo-era metal type predating what is believed to be the world's oldest book printed with movable metal type in 1377, has been unearthed in the North Korean border town of Kaesong. The piece was excavated from Manwoldae, a Koryo Dynasty palace in Kaesong. >> Full Text

Children play with fallen leaves in a park in Seoul on Monday. /Newsis

Volunteers prepare to start the Salvation Army's annual Christmas collection drive in Seoul on Monday.

Song Seung-hun and Lee Young-ae pose at a press junket for their new drama in Seoul on Monday.

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