How Popular Are Korean Stars in China Really?
Korean stars are said to have taken China by storm, but how much of that claim is hype and how much accords with the facts has not always been clear. Kim Soo-hyun is reportedly earning 10 million yuan or W1.65 billion for each commercial he does there. >> Full Text

Beat Summer Fatigue with Juicy Fruit
Fresh fruit can help fight fatigue as hot muggy weather continues across Korea. Watermelons are the quintessential summer fruit, and true to their name they are 90 percent water and good for quenching thirst. Oriental melons also contain more than 90 percent water. They cool the body, facilitate diuresis and relieve edema. >> Full Text
Samsung Faces Uncertain Prospects
Samsung faces uncertain earnings prospects in the second half of this year after smartphone sales declined in the second quarter. Executives at the electronics giant told investors during a conference call Thursday that intensified competition in the smartphone market makes it unlikely that earnings will improve. >> Full Text

People escape the heat at the Han River Park in Yeouido, Seoul on Friday. /Newsis

Incheon International Airport is packed with vacationers on Friday. /News 1

Actress Song Yun-ah smiles at a press event for her new TV series in Seoul on Thursday.

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