Poor More Obese Than the Rich
Korea has fallen victim to the paradoxical first-world syndrome where the poor and people from small rural communities are more obese than better-off city dwellers. Until the late 1990s, the wealthy were fatter because they ate more, but an unhealthy diet and lack of exercise mean it is now the poor who become obese. >> Full Text

Pope Takes Korean Gifts to Vatican
Pope Francis returned to Vatican on Monday after ending his five-day visit to Korea. He received a warm welcome here from people from all walks of life. The pontiff reportedly took all the gifts he received with him to Vatican as a reminder of people's good will and affection. >> Full Text

How to Recover from Post-Holiday Fatigue
As the summer holiday season draws to an end, many people are complaining about post-holiday fatigue. According to one job search portal site, 81.3 percent of salaried workers are experiencing post-vacation blues. >> Full Text

Students take cover under their desks during an evacuation drill at an elementary school in Seoul on Wednesday.

Actor Choi Min-sik and renowned French director Luc Besson pose at a press event for their new film "Lucy" in Seoul on Wednesday.

Actress Kim So-hyun waves during a press event for her new TV series in Seoul on Wednesday.

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