How a Seoul Hotel Caters to Chinese Tourists
Guests entering the Jin Jiang Hotel in central Seoul could be forgiven for thinking they are in China rather than the Korean capital. The interior resembles a hotel in Beijing, from workers clad in traditional Chinese costumes to signs in Mandarin and English. >> Full Text
Russia to Help N.Korea with Power Grid
North Korea and Russia are pushing ahead with a project to repair and improve the North’s notoriously paltry power grid and build a transmission network, a source said Thursday. Economic cooperation between the two countries is picking up as leader Kim Jong-un accepted an invitation to Moscow's 70th anniversary celebrations of its World War II victory in May. >> Full Text

Cost of Replacing Screens Troubles Smartphone Users
Consumers around the world are increasingly complaining how easily smartphone screens break and how expensive they are to replace. It costs some W200,000-300,000 to replace the screen of the latest curved smartphones. >> Full Text

Women walk in rain on Sunday at Hwaseong Fortress in Suwon, Gyeonggi Province, a UNESCO world heritage site. /Newsis

People enjoy snow-sledding on a slope in Seoul on Sunday. /Newsis

Models promote sandals in a department store in Seoul on Sunday.

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