Korean Automakers Now Produce More Cars Abroad Than at Home
The production volume of Korean automakers is now bigger overseas than at home. orean carmakers produced 2.77 million cars in the country from January to August but 2.92 million in their overseas factories.
USFK Chief Discusses N.Korean Threats
Chinese Police Could Help out on Jeju
Wealth Still Concentrated in Gangnam
3 Missing After Chopper Crash in Naval Exercise
Autumn Foliage Season Begins
Subway, Railway Workers Go on Strike
Chinese Tourists Dwindle for 1st Time
The number of Chinese tourists visiting Korea dropped for the first time last month. The Korea Tourism Organization on Friday said 873,771 Chinese tourists visited Korea in August, down five percent from the previous month.
N.Korea Threatens to Continue Nuclear Arms Development
North Korea's foreign minister on Friday threatened that his country "will continue to take measures to strengthen its national nuclear armed forces in both quantity and quality."
Prosecutors Seek Arrest Warrant for Lotte Chairman
The Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office is seeking an arrest warrant for Lotte Group chairman Shin Dong-bin on charges of breach of trust and embezzlement. Prosecutors said that they decided to arrest Shin given the severity of the charges.