Businesses Feel Threatened by Unexpected Rivals
CEOs of businesses in 70 countries see the emergence of unexpected rivals from outside their traditional industry as the biggest threat to their companies. >> Full Text

Korea's Working-Age Population to Shrink by 26% by 2050
The world's combined working-age population will grow by 26 percent by 2050, but in Korea and Japan it will shrink by about the same margin, the UN predicts. Japan will see the largest drop of 28 percent, followed by Korea's 26 percent. >> Full Text

42% of All Wealth in Korea Is Inherited
Inheritance accounts for an ever-rising proportion of Koreans' wealth as the opportunities for social mobility dwindle, a study suggests. The proportion of asset accumulation by inheritance rose from 27 percent in 1980 to 42 percent in 2000. >> Full Text

Military officer couple take a photo at a farewell ceremony in Seoul on Tuesday before being dispatched to overseas bases. /Newsis

Actor Yoo Seung-ho poses at a press junket for his new TV series in Seoul on Tuesday.

Sunny of Girls' Generation smiles at a promotional event for a sportswear brand in Seoul on Tuesday.

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