1 in 4 New Mothers Over 35
One out of every four new mothers in Korea is 35 or older as more and more tie the knot later in life. Statistics Korea on Wednesday said 23.9 percent of all women who gave birth last year were over 35, up from 21.6 percent in 2014 and just 4.7 percent in 1995. >> Full Text

Japan to Pay Sex Slavery Survivors W100 Million Each
The Japanese Cabinet meeting on Wednesday approved a plan to pay 1 billion yen into a foundation supporting Korean victims of Japan’s wartime sex slavery. Tokyo said it will pay W100 million to each of the 46 surviving sex slaves in Korea. >> Full Text

Korea Reels from Hottest August on Record
Korea is experiencing the hottest August on record, with some 2,049 people taken to hospital emergency rooms for heat-related illnesses as of Tuesday, nearly double the average. More than 7 million heads of livestock and fish have died, and lack of rain has caused crops to wither away across the country. >> Full Text

Medalists pose at Incheon International Airport on return from the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil on Wednesday.

IU smiles at a press junket for her new TV series in Seoul on Wednesday.

Lee Sung-kyoung waves on her way to a party for the finale of her TV series in Seoul on Wednesday.

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