N.Korea Launches Farming Reforms
The North Korean regime has recently decided to hand over about 3,300 sq.m of land to each farmer and change the crop-sharing ratio between the state and individual farmers from 7:3 to 6:4 in a bid to increase food production. >> Full Text
1 in 5 Households Headed by Elderly Person
The head of one in every five Korean households is now over 65 years old as society ages. Statistics Korea on Monday said the 3.7 million households headed by an elderly person take up 20.1 percent of all 18.45 million households this year. The proportion stood at just 11.9 percent in 2000 but is expected to reach 29.5 percent in 2020. >> Full Text

Huawei Launches Cheap Smartphone in Korea
Chinese telecom giant Huawei starts selling its affordable X3 smartphones in Korea on Tuesday through a distributor owned by mobile carrier LG Uplus. The X3 is identical to the Honor 6 sold in China and Hong Kong and comes with a price tag of less than W500,000. >> Full Text

Pedestrians walk through the rain in Suwon, Gyeonggi Province on Monday. /News 1

Staff welcome Chinese tourists in a department store in Seoul on Monday. /News 1

Son Yeon-jae practices for the rhythmic gymnastics events of the 2014 Asian Games in Incheon on Monday.

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