Peevish Japan Curtails Description of Korea
The Japanese Foreign Ministry has deleted from its website a description of Korea as an "important neighbor sharing the basic values of liberty, democracy and market economy." The website now describes Korea as the "most important neighboring country." >> Full Text

Seoul Slams N.Korean Human Rights Abuses at UN
South Korean Vice Foreign Minister Cho Tae-yul on Wednesday slammed North Korea's attempts to discredit UN human rights resolutions against North Korea after a defector admitted he lied. Cho said he felt "deep pity" for the North's efforts to deny the horrible human rights abuses in the isolated state. >> Full Text

Greenpeace Warns of Deaths from Coal Power
An environmental group warned on Wednesday that pollutants emitted by coal-fired power plants could cause the premature deaths of up to 1,600 people a year here. Fine particles emitted by power plants are particularly hazardous since they cannot be filtered by the nasal cavity. >> Full Text

Children make wishes on the moon in a hanok village in Ilsan, Gyeonggi Province on Wednesday. /Newsis

Models promote scarves in a store in Seoul on Wednesday.

Gu Ha-ra of Kara poses at a promotional event for a fashion brand in Seoul on Wednesday.

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