China to Show Off New Weapons at WWII Parade
China will unveil new cutting-edge weaponry during a parade on Thursday marking the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II. Chinese President Xi Jinping is expected to emphasize China's rising military might. >> Full Text

Gov't to Cut Down on English Teaching in Schools
The Education Ministry wants to reduce the number of English language lessons in schools by 30 percent from 2018. The ministry says the aim is to lessen the burden on students, but the move is drawing criticism for coming at a time when language skills are getting ever more vital in a globalized economy. >> Full Text

Number of Visitors Returns to Pre-MERS Levels
The number of foreign visitors has returned to levels seen before the outbreak of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, the Justice Ministry said on Sunday. A daily average of 39,000 people visited Korea in May, but that dropped below 30,000 in June. >> Full Text

Children pick berries at a farm in Geochang, South Gyeongsang Province on Monday.

Son Heung-min poses with fans in a stadium in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province on Monday as he joins training of the national football team ahead of the Asian World Cup qualifiers.

Actress Jang Seo-hee attends a press junket for her new TV series in Seoul on Monday.

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