N.Korean Soldiers Violated Armistice When Chasing Defector
The UN Command on Wednesday released video footage of a North Korean defector making a mad dash toward the South Korean side of the Joint Security Area last week. The footage makes it clear that North Korean soldiers violated the armistice that halted the Korean War by crossing over to the South Korean side of the border at one point and firing bullets southward.
N.Korean Soldier Recovering Quickly
Air China Suspends Flights to N.Korea
Seismographs Set up at College Entrance Exam Venues
Angola Kicks out N.Korean Laborers
Won Goes from Strength to Strength
Household Debt Soars to W1,400 Trillion
Many 40-Somethings Have Diabetes, High Blood Pressure
People in their 40s are now the largest group with fresh diagnoses of diabetes and high blood pressure after recent medical examinations carried out by the government. Men in their 40s also smoke the most and are the second-most obese.
UN Warns N.Korean Women Are Vulnerable to Sexual Violence
The UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women in a recommendation for North Korea called for an improvement of women's status in the country.
U.S. Threatens Huge Tariffs on Samsung, LG Washing Machines
The U.S. International Trade Commission on Tuesday recommended a 50-percent tariff on washing machines from Samsung and LG. More than 90 percent of washing machines imported into the U.S. are Korean.