'Shy' Coronavirus Patients Thwart Quarantine Efforts
Health officials are being frustrated by suspected coronavirus carriers who avoid admitting the extent of their movements or their affiliations to the Shincheonji sect, a hotbed of infections. Experts are urging carriers to come clean and cooperate with health officials but also call for the social stigma associated with being a sect member to be eased.
Sect to Hand over Full List of Followers, But Doubts Remain
Most Crammers Defy Gov't Demands to Close over Coronavirus
Coronavirus Thwarts Korea-U.S. Joint Drills
Chinese Students Delay Return to Korean Universities
BOK Keeps Interest Rates Unchanged
Pre-Season Baseball Games Canceled Due to Coronavirus
Countries Continue to Restrict Travel from Korea
The number of countries that restrict or ban travelers from Korea reached 43 on Thursday amid the explosive spread of coronavirus here. More and more European countries are issuing travel warnings for Korea.
Several N.Koreans Rumored Dead of Coronavirus
Eight people are rumored to have died of coronavirus in North Korea, a diplomatic source said Tuesday. The source said the reason North Korea sealed its borders on Jan. 22 was that a number of people there had already died of coronavirus.
Samsung's Latest Flagship Smartphones Hit Shelves
Samsung's latest Galaxy S20 series is now available for service this week through three major mobile carriers. The new series comes in three models with price tags ranging from W1.29 million to W1.59 million.