Tourists Pick N Seoul Tower as Top Sightseeing Spot
Tourists have chosen N Seoul Tower with its panoramic views as the top sightseeing spot in the capital. The Seoul Metropolitan Government conducted an online poll from Sept. 1 to 20 asking foreign and Korean tourists to choose the top 20 sightseeing attractions in the capital.
No Cancelation Fees for Fliers Who Cancel Early
Divorce Among Elderly Couples Hits Record
Poor Labor Relations Hurt Korea's Competitiveness
Industrial Espionage Rampant
12-Year Sentence Confirmed for Attacker of U.S. Ambassador
Lotte to Host Charity Bazaar for Earthquake Victims
Less Than Half of Enlisted Soldiers Consider N.Korea the Enemy
A majority of professional military officers staunchly think of North Korea as the enemy, but among their conscripted men the proportion is less than half. Hankook Research polled 1,620 officers and 1,928 enlisted servicemen for the institute last year.
N.Korean Math Whiz Arrives in Seoul
A North Korean math whiz who sought refuge in the South Korean Consulate General in Hong Kong in July has arrived in South Korea, Hong Kong media reported Tuesday. Ri Jong-yol, 18, left Hong Kong last Saturday and arrived in Seoul the same day.
Hundreds of Teenagers Listed as Company Chiefs
Some 206 individuals under 18 are registered as heads of companies, apparently as a tax dodge by parents who mostly run real estate businesses. The data from the National Health Insurance Service were published by Minjoo Party lawmaker Park Kwang-on.