N.Koreans Tell of Rampant Corruption in Crumbling State
Ordinary North Koreans are lucky to earn US$30 a month, but senior state officials easily make more than $100 a day from endemic corruption, a survey shows. The Chosun Ilbo and Center for Cultural Unification Studies interviewed 100 North Koreans. >> Full Text
Korea Toughens Laws on Fugitive Suspects
Suspects who escape the country will no longer be able to sit and wait until the statute of limitations on their crimes expires under a revised law that went into effect in May. The law ensures that the statute of limitations does not expire for suspects who flee overseas during their trials. >> Full Text

Korea to Help Ethiopia with Birth Control
Korea has decided to help Ethiopia manage population growth and promote health policies for mothers and children. The Planned Population Federation of Korea said on Thursday that it will spend W2.2 billion over the next two years and eight months to carry out the birth control initiative in Ethiopia. >> Full Text

Children have fun at a water park in Sejong on Friday. /Newsis

Visitors look at handicrafts at a fair at COEX in Seoul on Thursday. /News 1

Actress Choi Ji-woo poses at a press event for her new TV series in Seoul on Thursday.

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