N.Korea Launches Farming Reforms
The North Korean regime has recently decided to hand over about 3,300 sq.m of land to each farmer and change the crop-sharing ratio between the state and individual farmers from 7:3 to 6:4 in a bid to increase food production. >> Full Text

Korea's 'Resource Diplomacy' Largely Flopped
The government invested W430 billion over the past 10 years on presidential trips abroad to forge energy-related pacts with other countries, but the agreements have produced scant results. Only 18 of the 79 MOUs resulted in the acquisition of natural resources abroad. >> Full Text
Korea Racks Up 30 Months of Trade Surplus
Korea achieved a current account surplus for the 30th straight month in August. The Bank of Korea on Monday said the August current account surplus totaled US$7.27 billion. This comes closer to the record for consecutive current account surpluses of 38 months starting in June 1986. >> Full Text

Polish dancers perform in Myeong-dong, Seoul on Tuesday to promote the annual Cheonan World Dance Festival in South Chungcheong Province. /Newsis

Chinese tourists arrive at Incheon International airport on Tuesday, ahead of China's national holiday week.

Actress Chun Woo-hee poses at a press junket for her new film in Seoul on Tuesday.

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