Millions of Elderly People Live Alone
One in five Koreans over 65 live alone, the latest census shows. According to the 2020 census, 21.2 percent of over-65s or 1.66 million live alone, up a whopping 36 percent from 2015. The number of people over 80 who live alone surged 50 percent over the same period to 470,000. Among young people in their 20s and 30s, single householders also increased 29 percent to 2.38 million.
Korea's Vaccination Progress Ranks 104th in the World
Films for Grownups Thrive in Lockdown
Retail Investors Snap up Record Amounts of Stocks in 1st Half
Thailand Buys 2 Korean Supersonic Training Jets
Korea Thrashes Israel to Reach Baseball Semifinals
Korean Pair Beat Compatriots to Win Bronze in Badminton Women's Doubles at Tokyo Olympics
Kids to Go Back to School Despite Lockdown
Children will only need a negative coronavirus test to go back to school this fall even if a family member is self-isolating. Online-only learning has led to concerns that some children who lack support at home could fall behind.
Stricken N.Korea Goes Back to Bluster
Impoverished North Korea returned to bluster this weekend after agreeing to reopen communication lines with South Korea last week. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's sister Yo-jong called for an end to planned South Korea-U.S. joint military exercises.
Kia's 1st All-Electric Car Rolled out
Kia has finally rolled out its first fully electric vehicle, the EV6, after unveiling it in March. The carmaker on Monday started delivering the EV to more than 30,000 customers who had placed pre-orders.