Independent Counsel to Force Choi Soon-sil to Answer Questions
Independent counsel Park Young-soo on Sunday sought an arrest warrant for President Park Geun-hye's longtime crony Choi Soon-sil on Sunday because she continues to dodge questioning.
Park Sues Reporter Over Blacklist
Goblin Rom-Com Sets New Milestone for Cable Soaps
Power Vacuum Prevents Korea from Forging Ties with Trump
Most Car Accidents Happen the Day Before Lunar New Year
Samsung Sues Sharp for W600 Billion
Two Buddy Films Pull in 1 Million Viewers Each in Less Than a Week
Mercury Plummets Ahead of Lunar New Year
Korea will see the coldest weather so far this winter on Monday. The mercury will hover between -17 and -2 degrees Celsius Monday, with the morning low in Seoul at -12 degrees, the Korea Meteorological Administration said.
N.Korean Media Blur out Tall Buildings in Seoul
North Korean media blurred or pixelated images of major landmarks or tall buildings in Seoul in reports on recent candlelight protests here. The aim seems to be to make the city look less impressive but still milk political instability here to maximum effect.
Low-Income Earners Owe W39 Million a Head
One in four low-income households shoulders an average debt of W39 million, four times more than their average annual income, according to the Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs on Thursday.