Nearly 290 Missing in Ferry Disaster Off Southwest Coast
Nine people died and 287 are missing after a ferry sank off the southwest coast on Wednesday morning. The ferry carrying 475 people was on its way from Incheon to the resort island of Jeju. The passengers included 325 students. >> Full Text
What Caused the Ferry Disaster?
Speculation has been running high since Wednesday what caused a ferry carrying 475 passengers to sink off the southwest coast, leaving nearly 290 people including many youngsters missing. Rescue forces said it is possible the captain shifted course to make up for lost time and ended up hitting a rock. >> Full Text

Are N.Korean Drones Knockoffs of Chinese Products?
Two North Korean unmanned aerial vehicles that recently crashed in Paju and Samcheok are probably copies of Chinese drones. On Wednesday, an amateur UAV club posted an image of a Chinese drone which looks very much like the crashed drones. >> Full Text

Youngsters arrive in port after being rescued from a ferry that sank off the southwest coast on Wednesday. /New 1

New prosecutors smile during an appointment ceremony at the government complex in Gwacheon, Gyeonggi Province on Wednesday.

Vietnamese actress Van Trang poses at the opening ceremony of the Vietnamese Film Festival in Seoul on Wednesday. /News 1

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