Book Submissions Jump as Lockdown Writers Get Busy
Publishers are inundated with submissions from people who have taken up writing in lockdown. Kim Kyo-suk at publisher Prunsoop said, "Submissions have surged 1.5 to two times since the pandemic." A lot of them come from women in their 30s and deal with the joys and pains of motherhood, while the elderly reminisce about their early hardships.
Ex-President Lee's House Goes up for Auction
Gap Between Top and Bottom Franchises Widens
Police Raid Defector's Office over Leaflets to N.Korea
Korea's Foreign Reserves Hit Another Record
Despite Solid Starts, Kim Kwang-hyun, Yang Hyeon-jong Winless in MLB Games
Islanders Complain of Difficulty Getting Vaccinated
Lockdown Is Making Young Koreans Suicidal
The drawn-out coronavirus lockdown is making more and more young people depressed and even suicidal as their lives have been on hold for more than a year. A survey gauged their depression levels from key words like "hopelessness" and "suicide."
U.S. Urges Preparedness for N.Korea's Biochemical Weapons
A senior Pentagon official has warned of North Korea's weapons and mass destruction and urged American and South Korea forces to prepare for the threat. Jennifer Walsh, the acting under secretary of defense for policy, made the remarks in a statement.
Koreans Trade More Cryptocurrencies Than Americans
Korea has more small cryptocurrency exchanges than the U.S. or Japan and more highly volatile types of cyber money are traded here. A total of 178 cryptocurrencies are traded on UPbit, Korea's largest cyber money exchange.