Phone Records Prove Nonstop Contact Between Choi and Cheong Wa Dae
Phone records show that President Park Geun-hye's longtime crony Choi Soon-sil was in touch with Cheong Wa Dae three times a day till at least the end of 2014. Prosecutors presented the records in the criminal trial of ex-Cheong Wa Dae secretary Jeong Ho-seong on Wednesday.
Court Refuses Arrest Warrant for Samsung Chief
Hard Knocks Upset Rankings of Korean Conglomerates
Elderly People Now Outnumber Children
Record Numbers Gift Real Estate to Heirs to Dodge Tax
Hanwha Chief 'Too Sick' to Attend Trump's Inauguration
Netmarble Games' Latest Release Proves Success
More Defections by N.Korean Diplomats 'Went Unreported'
Several North Korean diplomats have recently defected to South Korea but the news has been kept quiet, the former No. 2 in the North Korean Embassy in London said Tuesday.
N.Korea's Plutonium Stockpile 'Grows Alarmingly'
North Korea's plutonium stockpile has grown to some 50 kg, enough to make two or three more nuclear weapons, according to South Korea's 2016 defense white paper. The white paper carries latest information on the North Korean military.
Hyundai Promises Massive Investment in U.S.
Hyundai on Tuesday announced plans to invest US$3.1 billion in the U.S. over the next five years. The announcement follows U.S. president-elect Donald Trump's threat to slap a 35 percent tax on car imports from Mexico.