1/3 of Young Koreans Trapped in Temp Jobs
Young workers are finding it increasingly difficult to find full-time jobs as they eke out livings as temporary workers. Three out of 10 young people who enter the workforce as temps are still unable to get permanent employment 10 years later. >> Full Text

N.Korean Economy 'Improving'
North Korea's economy and the standard of living of ordinary people seem to have improved, according to the U.S. Congressional Research Service. "Since early 2015, reports have trickled in about modest economic growth in North Korea," the CRS said in a recent report. >> Full Text

Won Plummets Further
A strong Korean won and a weak Japanese yen were the main concerns among traders here in the first half of this year, but now the situation has been reversed. The weakening won is good news for exporters who compete with Japanese firms but also a sign of foreign investors leaving the Korean stock and bond markets. >> Full Text

People try to escape the heat at a waterfront park in Busan on Monday. /Newsis

Children attend an etiquette class in a Confucian school in Daejeon on Monday.

Japanese fans wait to catch a glimpse of actor Bae Yong-joon in front of a hotel in Seoul on Monday.

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