Symbolic Christmas Tree at Border Pulled Down
A giant steel Christmas tree near the border with North Korea that served as a propaganda symbol for the South has been pulled down. It used to stand at Aegibong Peak and twinkle a message of progress and born-again Christianity across the border. >> Full Text

What Labels Do Koreans, Japanese and Chinese Prefer?
Korean, Japanese and Chinese tourists each prefer different luxury labels, according to Lotte Duty Free. Among handbags Koreans prefer Gucci, Chinese MCM, and Japanese Louis Vuitton. Koreans and Chinese both like Cartier watches. >> Full Text
1 in 115 Big Business Staff Rises to Management
The average ratio of executives to total staff in the country's top 30 businesses is 0.87 percent. That means only one out of 115 staff are likely to rise to a management position, according to a study of 184 listed subsidiaries of the top conglomerates by market researcher CEO Score. >> Full Text

Children enjoy autumnal scenery at Seoul Forest in the capital on Wednesday. /News 1

Dancers perform a traditional fan dance at Gyeongbok Palace in Seoul on Wednesday, the first day of late-night opening. /Newsis

Han Ji-hye poses at a press junket for her new TV series in Seoul on Wednesday. /Newsis

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