N.Korea Unveils New 'Satellite Facility'
A purported satellite command center stands about 400 m from former North Korean leader Kim Jong-il's residence in Pyongyang, satellite imagery suggests. Kim died in 2011. The imagery matches an aerial picture of the facility shown on the North Korean state TV on Sunday. >> Full Text

UNESCO to List Forced-Labor Sites in Japan
An advisory body to UNESCO has recommended 23 Japanese sites for World Cultural Heritage status, local media reported. They include factories where Korean forced laborers produced weapons and other materials for the Japanese war machine during World War II. >> Full Text

Chinese Tourists a Mixed Blessing for Ewha Womans University
Last month a Chinese tourist in his 40s bought W1.5 million worth of memorabilia from Ewha Woman's University in Seoul, including jackets bearing its logo, coffee mugs and pens. >> Full Text

Shoppers look at flowers at a market in Seoul on Wednesday, two days ahead of Parents' Day. /Newsis

Models promote dried fruits in a store in Seoul on Wednesday.

Actress Lee Si-young poses at a press junket for her new TV series in Seoul on Wednesday.

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