Japan Admits Koreans Forced to Labor at Historic Sites
Japan admitted Sunday that Koreans were "forced to work against their will" at industrial sites during the Meiji industrial revolution. The rare public admission came during a meeting of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee in Bonn, Germany on Sunday. >> Full Text

Koreans Work Longest Hours on Mondays
Koreans work the longest hours on Mondays and the shortest hours on Fridays, a study by a mobile app service shows. Vendys, a mobile app that provides meal coupons for cafeterias that are close to their workplaces, analyzed coupon usage patterns of 1,994 users from June 2014 to May this year. >> Full Text

Koreans Worry About Aftermath of Reunification
Most South Koreans believe reunification with North Korea would benefit both sides but are nervous about the changes that could happen, a survey suggests. A majority of the respondents, though in favor, voiced fears over the financial cost and ensuing social upheavals. >> Full Text

Visitors have fun at Haeundae Beach in Busan on Sunday as MERS fears ease.

A street in the shopping district of Myeong-dong, Seoul bustles with shoppers on Sunday as MERS fears ease. /Newsis

Women pose after watching "Northern Limit Line" in a cinema in Seoul on Sunday.

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