Little Festive Cheer in Korean Streets
Koreans are unusually devoid of Christmas cheer this icy and economically depressed winter. Only 20 stores in the bustling Myeong-dong shopping district in Seoul were decked with Christmas ornaments on Thursday, and K-pop has replaced Christmas carols on the streets.
Cold Snap Keeps Toxic Haze Stays off Korea
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S.Korea, China Say War 'Can't Be Tolerated' on Korean Peninsula
Chinese Security Guards Assault Korean Reporters
47 Korean Criminals Deported from Philippines
Korean Stars Support Moon on China Visit
Prosecutors Seek 25 Years in Jail for Choi Soon-sil
Prosecutors on Thursday demanded a 25-year prison term for ex-President Park Geun-hye's crony Choi Soon-sil, with a fine of W118.5 billion and a forfeit of W7.7 billion. Choi still portrayed herself as a victim in a histrionic final statement.
N.Korean Missile Scientists Gather for Arms Conference
North Korea's missile scientists gathered at a conference in Pyongyang on Monday where the North announced it will bolster its nuclear force. Meanwhile, signs have been detected that the North is preparing another nuclear test.
Korea's Annual Trade Volume Recovers to US$1 Trillion
Korea's annual trade volume has returned to over US$1 trillion for the first time in three years and the country will account for three percent of global trade this year for the first time.