Singles Are Poorer Than Larger Households
The net assets of a single household are only one-third of those of a two to five-person household, according to a survey released by KB Financial Group. Half of singles' expenditures go into food, rent and home maintenance. The 2,100 singles in Seoul the bank interviewed said the best thing about living alone is freedom and the worst thing loneliness.
S.Korea, U.S. Can No Longer Conduct Frontline Air Raid Drills
GM Workers Sound Alarm Bells Over Possible Pullout
BOK Slashes Growth Projection to 6-Year Low
Pope Willing to Visit N.Korea
Ryu Hyun-jin to Get Chance to Send Dodgers into World Series
Taxi Drivers Strike Against Kakao's Carpooling App
U.S. Demanded List of Cross-Border Projects
The U.S. has asked South Korea for a list of potential cross-border projects and timetables and asked it to guarantee that they do not violate UN sanctions against North Korea, an American official said Thursday.
1/4 of Rural Kids in N.Korea Underweight
The UN Food and Agriculture Organization on Wednesday warned that rural poverty has reached alarming proportions in North Korea as the gap between city and country widens.
Businesses Urge U.S. to Exempt Korea from Punitive Tariffs
The Federation of Korean Industries and the American Chamber of Commerce in Korea have called on the U.S. government to exempt Korea from punitive tariffs slapped on imports on sketchy grounds of "national security."