N.Korea Claims Nukes Needed to Protect Human Rights
North Korea in a quixotic report on Saturday claimed that its nuclear weapons development is "indispensible" for the protection and advancement of human rights. The report aims to counter the UN discussion on the North's dismal human rights record. >> Full Text

Korean Seaweed Catches World Attention
Korean seaweed has captured the attention of the Wall Street Journal on the occasion of the island of Wando in the southwest of the country hosting the world's first international seaweed expo. In the U.S., eating seaweed is still something of a novelty. >> Full Text

iPhone 6's Runaway Success Rattles Korean Rivals
Apple's latest smartphone is enjoying explosive popularity, with record orders of 4 million iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 Pluses received in the first 24 hours. The new iPhones will not even hit stores in the U.S. and Japan until Friday. >> Full Text

Visitors wait in line to enjoy nocturnal scenery at Changgyeong Palace in Seoul on Tuesday. /Newsis

Members of Girls' Generation perform during a showcase for their new album in Seoul on Tuesday.

Gu Ha-ra of Kara poses at a promotional event for a fashion brand in Seoul on Tuesday.

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