Chinese Couples Fly to Korea for Wedding Photos
Chinese newlyweds are rushing to Korea to have their wedding photos taken. Seven thousand Chinese couples visited Korea last year for that purpose alone, and the number is expected to surpass 10,000 this year. >> Full Text

N.Korea Wins $1.3 Billion Investment Pledges from China
North Korea signed US$1.3 billion worth of investment deals with Chinese businesses at a trade fair in the Chinese border city of Dandong last week. Around 500 North Korean officials attended the trade fair. >> Full Text

Apple Posts Stellar Earnings as Samsung Flounders
Apple is widening its lead over rival Samsung with third-quarter sales of US$42.1 billion and a net profit of $8.47 billion. It was the highest-ever third-quarter earnings for Apple. Sales rose 12.4 percent on-year and net profit 12.9 percent. >> Full Text

People visit Changgyeong Palace for a night tour in Seoul on Tuesday. The palace is open late until Nov. 2. /News 1

Models promote heaters in a store in Seoul on Tuesday. /News 1

Min-ah of girl group Girls Day smiles at a press junket for her new film in Seoul on Tuesday.

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