N.Korean Boat Drifts Undetected Across Maritime Border
A small North Korean fishing boat carrying four people was discovered by South Korean fishermen on Saturday some 130 km south of the Northern Limit Line in the East Sea. The boat somehow slipped undetected through South Korean military and maritime police surveillance. A team of investigators are questioning the North Koreans on board and examining the boat.
U.S. State Dept. Gets New Asia-Pacific Point Man
Automakers Embrace Car-Sharing Services
Saudi Crown Prince to Visit Korea This Month
USFK Chief Tweets Love of Korean Food
Ulleung Island to Break Ground on Airport Early Next Year
YG Entertainment Chief Resigns Over K-Pop Scandals
Moon Visits Family of Ex-1st Lady Lee Hee-ho
President Moon Jae-in belatedly visited the home of late former first lady Lee Hee-ho, the widow of former President Kim Dae-jung, because he was away on a state visit to Scandinavia when she died.
N.Korea Spurns Overtures to Restart Dialogue
North Korea is giving the silent treatment to any efforts from South Korea and the U.S. to restart nuclear dialogue. U.S. Special Representative for North Korea Stephen Biegun, will visit South Korea early next week.
Gold Prices Surge to 5-Year High
The U.S.-China trade war has sent gold prices soaring to the highest level in five years as investors scurry to safe-haven assets. The price of gold on the Korea Exchange reached W51,370 a gram on Friday.