Massive Manhunt Proves Waste of Time
The aftermath of the April 16 ferry disaster descended into grim farce when a massive manhunt for fugitive ferry owner Yoo Byung-eon proved a 40-day struggle to identify a corpse. It took 40 days to identify the body, which was discovered by a local resident. >> Full Text

How Did Ferry Owner Die?
Investigators are still struggling to identify the cause of the death of ferry owner Yoo Byung-eon, whose body was found on June 12 in a state of advanced decomposition. Yoo appears to have died where he was found, sitting on a fertilizer bag in a field and eating dried beef from a bag. >> Full Text
N.Korean Defectors, Helpers Arrested in China
Twenty-nine North Korean defectors and five of their South Korean helpers were arrested in China on July 15-17. They were nabbed in Qingdao, Shandong Province, and Kunming, Yunnan Province, on an established escape route to Southeast Asia, and face deportation, possible torture and execution in North Korea. >> Full Text

Pedestrians walk in the rain in Gwanghwamun, Seoul on Tuesday.

Youngsters beat the heat in a stream during rural volunteer work in Hamyang, South Gyeongsang Province on Tuesday. /Newsis

Actress Lee So-yeon poses at a promotional event for a cosmetics brand in Seoul on Tuesday.

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