Divorce Rate Drops in Epidemic
The coronavirus epidemic has paradoxically led to fewer divorces, even though couples are spending more time together cooped up at home all day. According to Statistics Korea, 106,512 couples divorced last year, down 3.8 percent from the previous year. The number of divorce cases filed in court also declined from 8,600 to 8,300. The development contrasts with previous crises in Korea.
Over 1,000 Dangerous Dogs Still Uninsured
Wine Imports Spike in Lockdown
Koreans' Income Falls for 2nd Year Running
4 More People Die After AstraZeneca Vaccination
Lockdown Devastates Hospitality Industry
Hyundai, LG Agree to Split Cost of Kona Recall
Moon in Line for Coronavirus Vaccination Next Month
President Moon Jae-in will get his coronavirus vaccination in April, Cheong Wa Dae said Thursday. Moon will be given an AstraZeneca jab in a bid to allay public fears about the brand.
N.Korean Regime to Ban Open-Air Markets
Open-air markets will likely be banned again in North Korea in another sign that the regime is increasingly fraying at the seams. The markets have been a lifeline for a destitute population after the state failed to supply rations in the provinces.
Ssangyong Showcases Modified SUV for Camping
Ssangyong unveiled its Tivoli Air 5-seater camper at a camping fair in Gyeonggi Province on Thursday. Collaborating with recreational vehicle manufacturer Roadtrip Camping, Ssangyong has modified its SUV to suit the outdoor activity.