N.Korea's Young Entrepreneurs Embrace Capitalism
North Korea is seeing the emergence of a class of young entrepreneurs who make hundreds of thousands of U.S. dollars from private businesses and spend them on bling much like their counterparts elsewhere. >> Full Text

Ambulance Chasers Prod Patients to Sue Hospitals
A growing number of patients are seeking to sue hospitals after the death of legendary singer-songwriter Shin Hae-chul after intestinal surgery, often prompted by ambulance-chasing lawyers. >> Full Text
15 Districts Practically Crime-Free Last Year
Fifteen townships, including Chorwon, Gangwon Province, Bonghwa, North Gyeongsang Province and Jangsu in North Jeolla Province saw not a single murder or theft last year. No rapes were reported in Yeongyang, North Gyeongsang Province, while Ulleung, also in that province, reported the lowest incidents of crime in the nation. >> Full Text

Ginkgo trees are ablaze in autumn colors at Deoksu Palace in Seoul on Sunday.

Tourists have fun at Ewha Womans University in Seoul on Sunday. /Newsis

Model Kate Upton poses at a promotional event for an online game company in Seoul on Sunday.

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