Ferry Owner's Driver Holds Key to Mysterious Death
The chauffeur of ferry owner Yoo Byung-eon has become the focus of the increasingly bizarre investigation of his boss' mysterious death near a summer cottage in southwestern Korea. >> Full Text

Workers in Their 60s Outnumber 20-Somethings
Workers over 60 years of age outnumbered those in their 20s in the second quarter for the first time since statistics started in 1963. The number of the older employees stood at 3.64 million, 29,000 more than those in their 20s, Statistics Korea said Wednesday. >> Full Text

Apple Soars Ahead of Samsung in Q2
Apple is widening its lead over rival Samsung in the global smartphone market, boosting revenues while Samsung suffered lackluster sales, especially in China and other emerging markets. Samsung managed to pull off higher revenues since it operates a wider range of business. >> Full Text

A memorial concert in front of City Hall in Seoul on Thursday marks the 100th day since the April 16 ferry disaster.

Visitors shade themselves with a lotus leaf in a wetland in Ulsan on Thursday. /Newsis

Actress Lee Da-hee smiles at a promotional event for a fashion brand in Seoul on Thursday.

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