Korean Electronics Companies Hope for Better Business in Japan
Korean electronics makers look forward to improved business in Japan, which has been a difficult market to penetrate. Japanese consumers prefer domestic brands over imports unless they are considered top of the range, and fractious ties between the two governments made matters worse.
500,000 Young Koreans Give up Looking for Jobs
Delivery Apps' COVID Bonanza Ends
Korea's Working Hours Dwindle as Part-Time Jobs Grow
Fine Dust Pollution Spells Losses for Farmers and Fishermen
Samsung's Galaxy S23 Ultra Sweeps European Consumer Surveys
Gwanghwamun Plaza to Be Lit up to Promote Busan World Expo Bid
Japan Invites Yoon to G7 Summit in May
Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida on Monday invited President Yoon Suk-yeol to the G7 Summit in Hiroshima in May. Presidential spokesman told reporters that the invitation is seen as a "positive outcome of the Korea-Japan summit" last week in Tokyo.
Kim Jong-un's 'Faceless' Companion Intrigues Boffins
Mystery surrounds a man in military uniform who was pictured in the state media next to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un as he watched a drill simulating a tactical nuclear attack on Monday.
Kia Hopes to Jump-start China Business with New EV
Kia unveiled a prototype of its new EV5 electric SUV in Shanghai on Monday, saying it will launch the car in China within this year. Manufactured in China, the EV5 will also be sold around the world. Kia hopes to export 100,000 EV5s by 2026.