Office Workers Dream of Opening Their Own Coffee Shop
Seven out of 10 office workers dream of running their own business, and coffee shops and bakeries top their list. But in reality office workers who start their own business end up running it for no more than two years on average.
Park Visits Daegu Stronghold in Bid for Support
Lotte Faces Massive Tax Probe in China After THAAD Decision
Korea's Population to Peak at 53 Million in the Next 15 Years
Kang Jung-ho in Hit-and-Run Accident
Car Sales Rebound in November
Exports Grow for 1st Time in 3 Months
Seoul Tightens Sanctions Against Pyongyang
Seoul announced unilateral sanctions against North Korea on Friday to throttle the flow of money into the regime's nuclear and missile programs. The aim is to supplement a fresh sanctions package adopted by the UN Security Council on Wednesday.
UN Security Council Tightens Curbs on N.Korean Trade
The 15 members of the UN Security Council unanimously adopted a new package of sanctions on North Korea on Wednesday. It took them a marathon 82 days to adopt the new resolution after the North's fifth nuclear test.
Private Consumption Slows Ahead of Peak Season
Private spending is slowing down drastically amid a massive influence-peddling scandal involving the president and tougher curbs on propitiatory gifts for influential people. Average sales at Lotte Department Store last weekend fell 4.7 percent.